Outbound Payments for Small Businesses: You can now PAY any of your vendors, customers or contractors using IPN

In addition to receiving payments using IPN (Accounts Receivables), you can now send payments to anyone (Accounts Payable).

As an IPN Small Business, you can send a payment to someone who doesn’t have a PaymentNetwork account (your vendor, customer, contractor, etc). It’s super easy for them to collect the funds.

To get started, log into IPN and click on “Send Payment” or “Pay Vendor” in the left nav. In the Send Payment form, type in the email address of the person you need to pay, and the amount you want to pay.

IPN will send an email to the person you’ve sent a payment to, asking them to accept the payment. This is a one-time step your vendor has to do. Thereafter all future payments are directly deposited into a bank of their choice.

Please try this service out and tell us what you think!

Your IPN team

21 Responses to Outbound Payments for Small Businesses: You can now PAY any of your vendors, customers or contractors using IPN

  1. would have liked to see more information such as how long it takes to process internally, how the payment is transmitted (ACH, paper check, etc) and what the average delivery time is – IE., my bank takes 72 hours to process internally then if they mail a paper check it takes another 5 days (approx) to deliver, so total estimated time is 8 days. while we understand you cannot control the USPS, you should be able to estimate an internal process time. I might be willing to pay .50 if you turn payment same day.

    • csukthanker says:


      Thanks a lot for your feedback.
      Payment transmission type: Currently you can only do outbound bill payments using ACH.
      Payment funding time:For the very first time, your vendor will have 14 days to enter a bank account to claim the payment. Thereafter payment turnaround time is usually 2 business days.

      Please try this new service out and post feedback or email feedback at paymentnetwork@intuit.com


      Your IPN team

  2. sarah says:

    Greetings. The process of downloading payments directly into QB is great. One issue I have is that the customer name does not show up on the bank account deposit transaction. The customer name is captured, however, for the offsets to Accts. Receivable and Undeposited funds so it’s not like the system is incapable of adding the name to the deposit transaction. Although it’s not impossible to find out where the deposit came from, it would be simpler to read the name of your customer on the deposit line.
    Basically, I appreciate the automation but can see eventually there will be a lot of deposit transactions correctly done but with lots of blank lines that look like anonymous deposits.

    Can the payer (customer) name be added to the deposit transaction too please?

    • csukthanker says:


      Excellent suggestion. Thanks a lot for taking the time to provide us with detailed feedback. I will pass this requirement on to our reconciliation team as a future enhancement.

      – Chetan Sukthanker

    • debbie says:

      This would not only make me more wiling to be part of this, but a lot of people. I pay bills as everyone and sell a lot on line..Please try to make this happen !! Thank you

  3. joanna says:

    The $500 payment limit prevents me from using this feature. I typically make vendor payments that are $650-$1400 each. Also, the $0.50 transaction fee should be a separate fee and not included in the amount you enter. This will make accounting very difficult.

    • csukthanker says:


      Thanks a lot for the feedback. For increasing your limits I would recommend submitting an ‘Increase Limits’ request. Log in to http://ipn.intuit.com and click on ‘Profile’ on the left. You can click on the ‘Increase Limits’ button to submit a request for higher limits.

      – Chetan Sukthanker

  4. Darlene says:

    I’m wondering if any of these changes have been made yet?

    • csukthanker says:


      Any specific change that you are referring to? (Reconciliation or fees?) Both are currently being considered as future enhancements.


      Your IPN team

  5. Steve says:

    This is great. I think you could make it better by integrating it within QB Online. It would be nice to select a number of bills for payment then choose – Pay by IPN. I agree also that it would make the accounting easier if the fee was drafted or accounted for separately when receiving payments. I use classes and have to go back and add the class to each fee. If a default class could be set for fees, that would be really helpful. Great product! Thanks!


    • I am also looking forward to QBO integration. I would also like to have a link to IPN on my estimates so customers can make a deposit when they accept the estimate. In addition, for both invoices and estimates, the customers should have the option of paying by Intuit Merchant Services or IPN, with the cash discount incentive clearly shown for IPN. The IPN credit card fees are too high. I realize you think you are competing with PayPal, but experienced vendors who already have a full-blown merchant services account know that PayPal and IPN are very expensive.

  6. Dennis Shak says:

    Is there a portal that my vendors can use to see the status and history of payments made to them? Can this portal be branded?

    • csukthanker says:


      Your vendors can log in to http://ipn.intuit.com to check all their payments (history, statuses, etc). As of now this portal is not branded as a specific vendor might also choose to receive payments using IPN from their other customers.


      Your IPN team

      • Dennis says:

        My vendors can view (history, status, etc.) of all the OUTBOUND payments I’ve made to them? If so, is there a way I can batch load all my vendors to IPN to get their IPN login credentials setup?

  7. Martinem says:

    Have found your web page. My pal mentioned it to me before, yet never got around to checking it out until now. I must express, I’m floored. I really enjoyed reading through your posts and will absolutely be back to get more… CBAC Funding.

    • christinalin1 says:

      Hi Martinem,

      Thank you for your support! We’re glad you’re enjoying our posts. Please share with us anything else you would like to see.

  8. carvalho says:

    if i want to send a payment to my vendor, that do not have QB, account how will they receive the money, in their personal or where , because not everybody will like to set up an account here , but will accept payment link , would the payment be deposited in their personal account like chasebank or capital one?

  9. Alys rose says:

    I sent a payment to a vendor who is having a hard time setting up an account. They have been trying to contact you since Monday without success, please give me something I can send them to help them receive there payment.

    • christinalin1 says:

      Hi Alys. Thanks for using IPN to pay your vendor! Please have him or her contact our customer support line at 877-559-7866 Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm PST so we can have get your vendor set up to receive payments.

  10. Adam says:

    Hi,This is Adam can i send payment to someone who doesn’t have a Payment Network account

    • intuitpaymentnetwork says:

      Hi Adam – Thanks for reaching out. No, you cannot send a payment to someone who doesn’t have an Intuit PaymentNetwork account. If you have an account, they can pay you. But, if you need to pay them, encourage them to set up an Intuit PaymentNetwork account.

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